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Taxis are available on both St John and St Thomas

Private taxis are good for island tours and customized trips, but are not a substitute for renting your own vehicle on St John

St John safari taxiSt John taxis are often open air safari trucks which are basically truck beds which have been customized with bench seating with a canopy cover (warning though, barely a seat belt can ever be found with these vehicles!).

Taxis are almost always available at the ferry dock in Cruz Bay (during regular ferry schedule hours) and also at hotels. They also frequently wait for passengers at the taxi stand area at Trunk Bay and Cinnamon Bay. Drivers often wait to fill their vehicle (if heading to or from the beach) so best not to be in a hurry.

Taxis are also available to hire for sightseeing around the island. Many drivers will customize the tour based on your interests, time, and, of course, willingness to pay! We have had several guests of our St John villa, Great Expectations, hire taxis to transport a wedding group from the villa to the beach for the ceremony and then on to their reception venue at one of our great restaurants. 

St John taxis are not metered but rather their rates are based on the destination and the number of people traveling.  While there are 'rate sheets' regulated by the government, it is best to ask (or negotiate) your fare prior to engaging the driver. Make sure you ask about the cost for luggage, if any.  If you have questions about taxi service or fares you might try calling the Taxi Commission at 340-773-3130 (8 am to 5 pm; Monday through Friday).

Taxis are plentiful on St John and a great way of getting a large group from your villa to dinner in town and back again so no one person has to worry about driving at night.

St John Taxi Paris
Paris Taxi Service is tops

Exclusive discount for our guests

One of our favorite taxi owners is Paris Taxi Service (who also owns Paris Rental Car). Mr Paris, along with his charming wife Janice who is on the other end of the phone or e-mail while her husband is the driver, provide great service, tours of the island, will arrange for transportation to and from an event, or just a safe ride into and out of town when you don't want to worry about drinking and driving. The best part is that they offer guests of Great Expectations a 10% discount. 


*Taxis are not, though, a substitute for renting a vehicle while on St John. Please see the 'Miranda warning' below!*


To give you an idea of the cost (and for general reference only!) here are a few typical taxi fares from Cruz Bay to:

 Two People
 Three or more (each)
 Chocolate Hole
 $4.00  $7.00  $3.00
 Cinnamon Bay
 $5.50  $8.00  $3.50
 Coral Bay
 $10.00  $12.50  $5.00
 Reef Bay Trail
 $6.00  $9.00  $5.00

Here is a link to more St John taxi rates which, as stated above, you should use for reference only since they are out of date. 

*'Miranda warning' - Based on decades of experience traveling around St John we strongly recommend (nay, urge) you to rent a vehicle while on St John and planning to rely on hiring taxis for your sole mode of transportation. Taking taxis rather than renting a vehicle(s) will not save money nor will you be able to experience St John (the beaches, the National Park, Coral Bay, etc) at your pleasure which is what you are coming to St John to do! A taxi from the Villa to town (Cruz Bay) costs $4 per person.  From town to, say, the beach at Cinnamon Bay, costs another $5.50 per person.  That’s say $25 per person round-trip with a tip (if you ever want to see the taxi driver again during your stay), or $75 to $100 per day for 4 people (the per person rates drop for groups) – well more than the daily cost of a rental car on St. John!  Some might ask at this point, “but what if we do not go to one of the US National Park beaches every day?”  Our answer is then do not come to St. John; while there are two beaches within walking distance of our St John Villa, neither comes close to the beauty of the white sand beaches along the north shore of St. John in the US National Park.  Still not sure – how’s this: we have never had in over 10 years of business any guest who did not rent vehicles while on St. John.  Trust us, rent sufficient vehicles to explore one of the world’s greatest islands. It is an adventure you don't want to miss!

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