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Car & Jeep Rental

Walk, Hike, Drive or hire a taxi in the USVI

jeep rental on st johnGuests at our St John vacation rental villa, Great Expectations, are eligible for discounts on vehicle rentals from:

Aqua Blu Car Rental, provides excellent customer service to all of their customers. They offer pick up and drop off services, accommodate late arrivals, and offer free parking at their lot (which is about a 3 minute walk into town). Let them know you are staying at Great Expectations and they will extend a special 10% discount from their rates. Aqua Blu Car Rental also offers taxi services. Contact them directly at 340-776-Aqua (2782) or email them at

Courtesy Car Rental -- they really live up to their name!  
866 776-4228

Mr Piper's Jeep Rental -- their friendly and reliable service earns them top billing; they will meet you at the ferry dock and offer 'drop off' service when you leave.  Ask for Justin or Mr Piper himself who will make sure you are well served: 1 340 693- 7580.

L & L Jeep Rental, Inc
-- they will meet you at the dock and also offer 'drop off' service when you leave; they have a parking lot in Cruz Bay so you may be able to leave your car there when walking around town 340 776-1120

Renting your vehicle on St Thomas is also an option if your flight arrives by 4PM or so; the last vehicle barge from St. Thomas to St. John departs between 6PM and 7PM whereas the passenger ferries operate until Midnight.

Amalie Car Rentals -- the Amalie Car Rental folks will meet you at the airport with your vehicle where you sign the rental agreement and off you go. Let them know you are staying at Great Expectations and they will extend a special 5% discount from their rates for you. 1-888-568-3535

L & L Jeep Rental (St Thomas) -- L & L offers rental car service on St Thomas as well as on St John. They will pick you up and drop you off at the airport and are willing to extend guests of Great Expectations a 5% discount. Contact them directly at 340 774- 4889

In order to be eligible for the discount, when you e-mail or talk with the car rental firm agent let them know you are staying at our St John Villa 'Great Expectations'!

St John driving

And remember, we drive on the left hand side of the road (yes, I know, St John is in the US Virgin Islands; we don't have a clue why we do this)


Age has a privilege on St John where you have to be 25 or older to rent a car!

Insurance:  Be advised, your rental car company may ask you to show them a letter, or other proof, from your auto insurance company stating you have basic Collin coverage for their rental car.  Best to ask your insurance company for such proof, or plan to purchase the rental car company's daily insurance coverage.

CHILD SAFETY, CELL PHONE, & HANDICAPPED PARKING RULES: While driving in the US Virgin Islands, driver and front passenger(s) must be restrained by a safety belt and children under age five must be in a car seat. Reportedly, seat belts can be used for children 3 through 5, but the child must ride in the backseat and children older than 5 but under 12 must wear a safety belt (check on current regulations and enforcement with your rental car agent).  Do not even think about using a cell phone while driving and do not stop, much less park, in any parking space designated handicapped ($1000 fine).  

Other rental car firms you might also call:

Avis 340-776-6374 or 800-331-1084
Best Car Rental 340-693-8177 night: 340-775-0815
C & C Car and Jeep Rental 340-693-8164
Conrad Sutton Car Rental 340-776-6479
Cool Breeze Car Rental 340-776-6588
Delbert Hill's Jeep Rentals 340-776-6637
Hertz 340-693-7580 800-654-3131
Hospitality Car and Jeep Rentals 340-693-9160
Lionel Jeep Rental 340-693-8764
O'Connor Jeep Rental 340-776-6343
St. John Car Rental, Inc. 340-776-6103
Spencer Jeep Rental 340-776-6628 or 1-888-776-6628
Sun & Sand Car Rental 340-776-6374
Varlack Car Rental 340-776-6412

Note that not all rental car agencies allow their vehicles to go on the barge to or from St John. Some agencies charge a gigantic fee if they find out that their vehicle has left the island; therefore, it is best to confirm the car rental car agent's policy.

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