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St Thomas Carnival is a wonderful annual tradition

Food, music, parades fill the month of April

St Thomas Carnival is always exciting. The very first carnival happened in 1912 during the final years of Danish occupation and lapsed during World War I. It was revived in 1952, carnival has become one of the largest festiva'sl in the Caribbean. A month-long series of dazzling pageants and talent shows is held to choose royalty to rein over the festival. Fun events such as a boat race, Greased Pig Contest and Toddlers Derby entertain everyone at the festivities. A series of elimination contests to crown top performers are called Calypso Tents. Calypsonions offer satirical commentary on the state of the islands, oftentimes mocking the shenanigans of politicians. Other popular events held during Carnival is j'ouvert, a morning jump up, a food fair presenting the islands’ best traditional eats and a competition to crown the King and Queen of the parade troupes. A children's and adult’s parade close the lively month with brilliantly costumed and decorated troupes and floats.  And, what would Carnival be without food? The Cultural Food fair especially highlights the foods of the Caribbean such as blood pudding or stewed, salted codfish, kallaloo, or my favorite, johnny cakes!

This month long celebration of life is rich in culture, music, food, and activities for the young and old 2015 marks the 63rd year for this event. The peak of activities for the 2016 Festival are scheduled from April 2 - April 30. The colors alone of the Caribbean Dancers is worth trip:

Caribbean Dancers St Thomas Carnival


The 2016 schedule, as always, is packed with music, food, more music, parades, more food - and, music! While Carnival lasts a full month it is the last week to 10 days, April 22 - April 30, when the island really comes alive. Here is the 2016 schedule of events....

St Thomas Carnival 2016 schedule

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