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St John villa patio faces west for a view of the sunset into the Caribbean

St John Festival and Carnival Season is a month of celebrations

The rich culture of the Caribbean is highlighted throughout the month

St John's Festival and Carnival season consists of celebrations which showcase the best of the caribbean culture. While each year has a different theme and somewhat different schedule, Carnival's month long activities always culminate on the 4th of July with a parade and evening fireworks.  There are activities for all including the very young and very senior. Music is always a constant throughout the month.  The mocko jumbie, a shape-changing ghost-like figure, whose origins are traced to West Africa is ever present during Carnival season. The lore is that jumbies traditionally appear in the dark  of night and are known for terrifying those who have misbehaved. At carnival, the jumbie customarily appears on stilts dressed in elaborate pants and jacket made of colorful silks and satins and is one of the most popular part of Carnival.

The following schedule is a general schedule for the St John Carnival (aka St John Festival) for 2013 (this is courtesy of Stephanie King, the General Manager of the Inn at Tamarind Court). As you can see the theme for 2013's Festival is "Come and Explore the Culture Scene for Festival 2013": 

St John Carnival schedule 2013

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